John B. Isom

12/2/1909   -   4/23/2004
Minister Emeritus First Unitarian Church of Des Moines, Iowa

"I have lived as one who assumed death will end forever my life at the conscious level of existence; that the microscopic elements, who pooled their resources and cooperated to create me in my human image developed and set in their proper places the vital organs of my body, and evolved the brain-nerve mechanisms to keep them operating remarkably well for 94 years, without any conscious attention on my part.   When I return to dust each of the elements, who played a part in my human existence, will return home to the elements of his or her kind.  Even though I will be somewhat scattered in all directions I will still be 'a child of the universe.'
"By way of my scattered former parts, I will be playing roles in unknown new experiments of "Life as Such".   I am now free to imagine them being as exciting and meaningful as my wildest fancy.  It may be some lighter part of the present me will escape the confines of earth and roam for eons among the stars until it lands on another alive planet, and there, just maybe, be invited to play a part in creating another life just like the present me.   Well, maybe a little better me.   So long!   I will meet you in the ashes, on the morning after sun and planets have returned to their microscopic origin."       
- John B. Isom

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